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Free Envelope*

* Each card comes with a free envelope (this is as well as the envelope which we use when sending the card out. We suppose in a way you get two free envelopes*, but one of them is blank and the other one is not usable as we've already used it. The blank one is really the free envelope* but we figure it really depends on whether you're a glass half full kind of person as to whether you also view the unusable one as free too. You could always doodle on the back of it or play Hangman.)

Tell me more about the envelopes!

Well, the free envelope* is slightly bigger than the card. We suggest you use the free envelope* to put your card in when sending it. The second envelope is slightly bigger than the free envelope*. We use this one to send the card and free envelope* to you. (We're sort of regretting having gone into such detail about this. The only reason this page really exists is that we'd made the 'Free envelope*' banner for the home page, found it quite funny, didn't want to remove it and needed it to go somewhere when you clicked it. We didn't really think anybody would click it, but well done you for being so inquisitive!)