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What is a greetings card?
A greetings card is a card you send to somebody you know to mark some occasion

What are Slack Cards?
Badly drawn greetings cards that generally include some lame attempt at humour

How do I buy one?
Choose one that you like, add it to your basket and then pay using PayPal.

What do I get for my money?
A Slack Card and a free envelope.

What if I don't understand the card?
Don't buy it.

Why are they drawn so badly?
We're not very good at drawing.

Why are they not very funny?
We're not very funny.

Do you sell any better cards?

Can I send them to people I don't know or like?
Is it a person you don't know and also don't like? Quite judgemental, aren't you? If you don't know them, we suggest you don't send them a greetings card. If you don't like them, there are probably more appropriate ways to tell them than sending a misjudged greetings card.

What if I think I can make a better one myself?
Go ahead but remember you're missing out on a free envelope. Your loss.

Can I leave reviews?
Yeah, but to be honest, we will probably just delete it if we didn't like it.

I've bought a card, but now I've forgotten who I was going to send it to. Can you help?

I've got some more questions, and none of the above seem to answer them. In fact, I'm not even that certain that the stuff above is even vaguely useful.
Ok, go ahead. We're impressed that you read this far though.

What size are the Slack Cards?
All cards are A5 (148mm x 210mm), i.e. printed on A4 and folded to A5.

What finish are the cards?

How do I pay for a Slack Card?
We only accept PayPal. We know that you probably don't know who we are, so we only take PayPal payments. This way, you can be confident that your payments are secure and through a known payments provider. At checkout, you will be redirected to the PayPal website.

Can I customize the cards?
Generally no, but if you're prepared to wait a little longer and pay a little extra, email us and we'll see what we can do. No promises though.

How quickly do you send them out?
We aim to send them out the next working day first class where possible.

Can I buy Slack Cards in any shops?
No, we only sell online.

How often are new cards created?
We aim to add at least one card a week.

That doesn't sound very many.
No, it doesn't, but that's over fifty a year and we're not really capable of thinking up more than one mildy amusing cards greetings card per week. We struggle with that to be honest.

Thanks. That answers everything I ever needed to know, although if there's anything else, I will be in touch.
No problem. Please do!


Stephen and Dan