Ten things we’ve learnt while on holiday in Scotland

Some things that we didn’t really know before going to Scotland:

  1. Scotland has it’s own bank notes that can be swapped on a one to one exchange rate (like Disney Dollars). It’s also hard to find a shop that will accept them when you return home (like Disney Dollars).
    Disney Dollars
  2. Scottish ice cream vans don’t sell ice lollies but sell sweets and Irn Bru instead. (Evidence based solely on two ice cream van visits. They do still sell ice creams though.)
    Irn Bru
  3. Like Slack Cards, Scotland also likes a rogue goat.
  4. Don’t be cocky if you have special powers.
    Brahan Seer
  5. Midges can be really annoying in Scotland (even if you can’t quite understand how this can be until you experience it).
  6. The road from Fort Augustus to the top of the Isle Of Skye is one of the most amazing drives in Britain. (I struggle to think of a close contender although Glencoe does take second place.)
    Isle Of Skye
  7. Despite not being listed in any guides or even on the information board, the humming handrail at Mealt Falls on the Isle Of Skye is amazing! (The wind blowing through it makes it hum although it could have been a one off. Pretty sure this is not by design as I think the primary function of the handrail is to prevent people plummeting over the cliff.)
  8. The Highlands doesn’t have 3G coverage.
  9. ‘As the crow flies’ distances are meaningless when planning a journey. Work out how far it would be if there was a direct route, and then quadruple it. Or buy a helicopter.
  10. Nessie probably isn’t real.
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