Six trends you need to know to impress your friends

As we all know, greetings card trends change rapidly (although we’re only guessing they do as we only made our first card a couple of months ago, and quite frankly, haven’t bothered to look at whatever our competitors are up to, but we are quite good at guessing and we think we are probably right), so here are a few trends we predict will be massive over the next six months and we boldly predict next years trends as well:

You can't teach an old dog new tricks,  but you can teach him trends...

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can teach him new trends…

Trends for the remainder of 2014

A little bit of blue (the colour, not porn): We fully expect a little bit of blue to return to a number of cards, particularly cards that have a picture of either sky or sea on them. The recent trend to move away from blue has even recently resulted in printers pouring away all their tins of blue paint (or whatever it is they use to make cards) to make way for tins of the non-blue stuff.

Half cards: Half cards will be massive in August and into the start of September. Don’t know what they are? No, neither do we. We’ve even Googled it and it doesn’t exist. It’s almost like it’s just been made up for the purposes of this blog. Look out for it regardless.

Flaccid Christmas Cards: December is expected to see the return of the Flaccid Christmas Card. For those not familiar, these low quality cards tend to be popular towards the end of each year and generally depicts a robin, snowman or Father Christmas with a half-cocked lob-on. This trend drops off rapidly at the very end of each year and does not pick up again until late November/early December the following year, although the reasons for this are as yet unknown.

Trends for 2015

Its always hard to predict trends for the year ahead, but we think after only two months of being in business, we have a solid grasp of the market and can confidently say we can predict everything that’s going to happen in the greetings card industry so here goes:

A little bit of blue (porn, not the colour): Cards with a hint of porn will appear once again. The format of these may vary, with the usual ‘pop-up’ and ‘scratch and sniff’ themes proving ever popular, but the four-dimensional ‘up and at it’ format are probably going to be 2015′s game changers.

Letter Box Busters: In a surprise comeback, these massive cards are expected to make yet another return, although this time the razor sharp corners will probably be replaced with turnip oil sandpaper following complaints and lawsuits from mail couriers with regards to life-changing injuries. Expect frequent visits to the local DIY store as letter boxes will need widening to accommodate these mammoth cards, sales in replacement doors are expected to sky-rocket and mantelpieces will need strengthening to be able to support any more than two of these mega-cards.

Personalized greetings cards to remain popular: Although it seemed the ‘This card has a name on it, and the name is also my name, so the thing that is on the card is almost like its directly about me and that’s funny’ format seemed weak at the time, it seems to have gained in popularity and is expected to remain strong into 2015. (We would just like to point out that we don’t sell personalized cards, partly because other companies do them, partly because although it was quite funny five years ago, its generally lost it’s comedy value, but mostly because we don’t have our own printing press so printing to order is quite a lot of effort (read as: too much effort). We are however considering a ‘Trevor’ range of cards specifically designed for anybody called Trevor, although proof of knowing somebody with that name will be required with each purchase.)

We think we’ve covered all bases here, but if you think we’ve missed something or disagree, please drop us a Comment and let us know.

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