Four amazingly useful greetings card tips

Never under-estimate the powers of a good list. (This isn’t one though.)

Welcome to our first blog post. We thought we should start with a quick list of four great tips to make your card sending experience as simple as possible.

1. Try to choose a card that you think the person would like or find funny.

A good way to do this is to stop what you’re doing, have a little think and try to remember some stuff that the person finds funny. If you can think of something then try to find a card that has that very specific funny thing. If not, just choose any card.

2. Remember to write in the card.

This was listed as one of the four Generally Accepted Card Writing Practises as originally recorded by the Guild of Card Writers in 1788. The original copy of the manuscript listing the Practises was destroyed in the Great Tug of 1846, but this Practise was remembered and passed down from generation to generation. Although all details relating to the three Missing Practises have been lost forever, it has been speculated by many that they were probably “bleedin’ obvious”

3. Use a pencil or a pen when writing in the cards.

Try to resist the temptation to write it using any bodily fluids regardless of how joyful the recipient may be to receive such a card. It’s also probably illegal to post such items without proper containment.

4. Take care when licking any envelopes

(Particularly if Tip 3 has been ignored)

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